Dog reunited with owner after getting surgery on broken leg


HOUSTON – A dog that was thrown from a car is back home with his owner Thursday.

Brandon Mason sent Local 2 a picture of him and his dog, Davey, after Mason picked up his dog from the Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists. Davey underwent surgery Wednesday to repair his tibia.

The 11-month-old brindle boxer was taken from Mason's home and then tossed from a vehicle and left in the subdivision Monday.

"We knew he was hurt when he wouldn't come to us and wouldn't try to move, and he was shivering violently. We knew he was hurt pretty bad, and we were worried about him going into shock," said Ashley Cozart, who found the dog.

Tomball police are investigating the incident and looking for the person who took stole Davey and threw him from the truck, which is described as a dark-colored four-door work truck.