8 teens ambush driver, steal pizza, Volusia deputies say

Culprits found coming out of wooded area near Deltona school


DELTONA, Fla. – Eight teens -- ranging from 13 to 16 years old -- were arrested Wednesday in Volusia County on allegations of ambushing a deliveryman and stealing pizza, chicken wings and soda from him.

The robbery happened around 4:30 p.m. at a house in the 1000 block of Abagail Drive in Deltona.

According to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office, the driver he was delivering a pizza to the home when some teens snuck up and threw a blanket or sheet over his head. The culprits took off with pizza, chicken wings and soda, said deputies, who added that no weapons were used and no money was taken from the driver.

The teens were last seen running with the pizza boxes toward Discovery Elementary School, possibly down a trail into a wooded area, the Sheriff's Office said. Two deputies headed down the trail with a K-9 to search for them and found three pizza boxes, empty Pepsi and Mountain Dew bottles and several footprints.

Another deputy found four teens walking out of the woods and asked one of them if they had any Pepsi lately, the Sheriff's Office said. The teen replied that the "the pizza man" had given him a couple of bottles earlier, according to officials.

Deputies found two more teens in the area and two others were identified through the course of interviews, officials said.

All eight boys -- three 13-year-olds, a 14-year-old, two 15-year-olds and two 16-year-olds -- were arrested on charges of robbery by sudden snatching, conspiracy to commit robbery and burglary to an unoccupied dwelling.

Officials said the house to which the pizza was delivered is vacant.