Friends, family remember man killed in hit-and-run

Memorial held for Derrick Chadwick

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Friends and family of a 60-year-old Jacksonville man killed in a hit-and-run on the Westside held a memorial Sunday afternoon.

The memorial was held at Judy's Bar, a place Derrick Chadwick, also known as Chad, had worked for the past 15 years.

Friends and loved ones said while they're moving forward, they will never forget him.

"It's just a sad time, it really is, but we're going to live and have Chad live on with us. This is Chad's day," said Buster Harris, a close friend.

According to police, Chadwick went across the street to grab a pack of cigarettes. When he didn't return, a friend went to check on him.
Soon after his body was found on the side of the road nearby.

Jenny Caddell, another close friend, said Chadwick would help her close the bar so she wasn't alone. She said he didn't leave her side for the last two years.

"I was somewhere else, and they called me and told me Chad was missing," said Caddell. "Then they called and told me he had been hit by a car and he was dead."

Caddell said Chadwick was a loyal friend who deserves justice.

"I just pray to God they get whoever did it," said Caddell. "They have to, because that man was so good. He wouldn't hurt nobody."


Other friends and family members said they just don't understand how someone could drive away and not take responsibility.

"I think mostly it comes down to, how could anybody do that and drive away, and live with themselves," said Joel Goller, another friend.

"Be a man or a woman. Whatever it is, step up, claim your fault and give the family and give his friends closure," said Harris. "You go on. You have to, that's what he would have wanted, you know? That's all we can do."

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is asking anyone with information about the hit-and-run accident to call crime stoppers at 1-866-845-TIPS.

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