JTA buses not on time in first week of new routes

Officials say issues being worked out

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – As the initial week of the Jacksonville Transportation Authority's new bus route system ends, riders are reacting to the changes.

The overhaul, which began Monday, added more routes and extended the hours of pickup.

"People are getting to work late, people are catching the wrong buses, people are getting frustrated, people are upset," bus rider Shantoya Samuels said. "I'm getting home later than I usually would."

"I think they should go back to the way it was," bus rider Rosie said.

JTA said it anticipated some bumps in the road its first week, but on the fifth day in, one common complaint among riders is buses aren't on time.

"The biggest mind-blowing thing is, I have to catch two buses home, and I only had to catch one bus to get home (before)," Samuels said.

JTA said it's been focused on teaching riders about the changes, and the problems should eventually work out.

"Of course there are a few issues here and there with being on time, but we will be working on that next week and continue to improve it," JTA spokeswoman Leigh Ann Rassler said.

The tables set up throughout the week at various bus stops with employees will remain through Sunday at Rosa Parks, Gateway and Regency stations.

JTA said if it needs to keep staff out there through next week it will, depending on how things go this weekend.

For more information on the new system and routes, visit jtafla.com, stop by the Rosa Parks Transit Station or call 904-630-3100.

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