Motel fight leaves man critical, 2nd injured

Several guests moved to other rooms because of disturbance


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – One man is in critical condition and another is stable after they were involved in a fight at a motel near Moncrief on Sunday night, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

Officers responded to a disturbance at the Metro Inn at 1055 Golfair Blvd. When they arrived, were advised that two men were fighting in the hallway of the motel.

"They found two black males outside of a room where they appeared to be in a fight," said Sgt. Michael Paul. "One of the males was unconscious. Both males did have injuries and both were transported to UF Health (Jacksonville). One of the males is stable and is being treated for various lacerations. The other one is in critical condition and is life-threatening."

Paul said the man who is stable is believed to be in his early 20s and the man who is in critical condition is believed to be in his 40s.

The patrol officers found the two men lying in the hallway. Officers interviewed other guests in the motel to try to determine what happened. Some guests told officers they heard an argument, but didn't see anything because it took place inside a room.

"The motel room is a mess. It looks like they were using everything they could get their hands on during this fight," Paul said. "No weapons like guns, knives or anything like that. But it looks like anything in that hotel room that you could use to strike somebody with was used."

Officers were not able to immediately interview the men involved because they were both being treated at the hospital, but they processed the scene to try to determine what happened.

"One of the gentlemen [the one in stable condition] was registered as a guest at the motel," Paul said. "He has been here several times over the last month or so."

Officers were able to determine whether the men knew each other and were unsure if they were family or what they were fighting about.

"A few of the people staying here said they heard them talking about money, so it may be something along those lines. An argument over money owed," Paul said. "But until we talk to both parties, we really don't have an idea at this point."

There were only three rooms in the area of the incident, and the guests were moved to other rooms according to officers.