Mass. 'layaway' angel pays for $20K worth of toys

Woman paid off entire store's balance for Christmas, employees sa

(Rich Brooks/CNN)

Employees at a Toys 'R Us in Massachusetts say a "layaway angel" paid for $20,000 worth of toys, clearing the store's entire balance.

More than 150 customers of the store in Bellingham received calls Wednesday that their items had been paid off, the Milford Daily News reported.

Their reaction? Tears and cries of astonishment.

"A lot of emotion," Trisha, a longtime employee who asked that only her first name be used, told the Daily News. "This is the first time that someone has paid off the entire store."

The good Samaritan, described as an older, local woman, gave the store manager a hug and told employees, "If you have it, give it."

A total of 124 items were paid off.