Cop buys shoplifting grandma a dozen eggs

Alabama officer's gesture goes viral

(Robert 'Dollar' Trip/Facebook)

An Alabama police officer's gesture to a shoplifting grandmother is going viral.

Officer William Stacy was called to the Dollar General store in Tarrant over the weekend on reports that a woman was caught trying to steal a dozen eggs.

Stacy told WIAT-TV he recognized the woman because he had responded to a previous call at her house and had seen her difficult living situation.

The store decided not to press charges, and Stacy decided to pay for the eggs.

"She tried to give me all the money she had," Stacy said. "It was about $1.25. I told her the best way to pay me back was to never do something like that again."

Helen Johnson, 47, told AL.com that her two daughters, a niece and two grandchildren hadn't eaten since Thursday when she was caught stealing last Saturday.

"I've never been more grateful in my life," she said. "I'm so overwhelmed with the goodness of these people."

A customer recorded the incident, showing the officer hugging the woman in the store parking lot. The Facebook video has since gotten more than 724,000 views.