Police: Dozen people hospitalized after using K-2


LAKE CITY, Fla. – More than a dozen people in Lake City have been taken to the hospital after using K-2, a synthetic blend of marijuana, the Lake City Police Department said Tuesday.

Another person was taken to the hospital Tuesday after using an apparently bad batch of K-2, also known as Spice, the LCPD said.

Police said 13 to 20 people have been hospitalized. Most victims are in their teens to mid-20s and become delirious or unresponsive, unable to answer questions.

The LCPD issued a public safety announcement about the drug after receiving information from Lifeguard EMS and Shands at Lake Shore about the number of people hospitalized because of the drug.

Officers in Lake City said K-2 is a tough drug to track. They believe people visiting Florida this holiday season could even be bringing the drug in from other states.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi banned synthetic marijuana, but authorities said people keep making and selling derivatives of it. Officer Craig Strickland with LCPD said convenience stores in the area have been raided repeatedly by ATP and local law enforcement. Stores that sell the drug now that it's illegal will get a citation and arrest will be made.

"We have an individual that his it -- we'll make an arrest or we'll build intelligence around it and we'll try to get to the dealers and suppliers," Strickland said.

LCPD urged everyone to avoid illegally purchasing K?2/Spice due to its dangerous and sickening contents.

No one has died, so far. People in the area who have children said they're concerned.

"For it to be so small in Lake City, and for it to be so bad, how do you control it?" said Daysha Williams.

Anyone with questions after inhaling K?2 should call their doctor or go to the emergency room immediately, police said. 

Anyone who knows anything about K-2 being sold in and around Lake City can call the Lake City Police Department anonymously at 386-719-2068.