Security scare involving smuggled guns affects travelers

Men accused of smuggling more than 150 guns throughout year


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A travel security scare involving smuggled guns out of one of the nation's busiest airports has been affecting travelers everywhere.

Several men are under arrest accused of smuggling more than 150 guns from Atlanta to New York from May to December. Some of the guns were even loaded inside carry-ons.

Many passengers believe that 2014 security would be tighter, preventing an incident like this from happening.

"I have an infant. I have another one on the way so it kind of makes you think, really is the security that we have enough or is there more that can be done?" said Nishi Brahmbatt. "What if there were some complications on the fly and their tempers got out of control? What if they had used the firearms? Who knows."

Eugene Harvey allegedly used his security clearance as a ramp agent for Delta to bypass security to get the guns to a former Delta employee, Mark Quentin Henry, in a restroom, who then carried them on board to New York.

Harvey was arrested at his home Monday. Henry was arrested Dec. 10 after landing at JFK. He had 18 guns in his carry-on bag, seven of them were loaded.

Other travelers shocked one of the men was an employee.

"I wouldn't think an employee just because they're supposed to have better standards. But there are lots of crazy people and one of these people right now could have a gun and we wouldn't even now," said Melodie Melenchon.

A spokesperson from Jacksonville Aviation Authority told News4Jax employees to go through rigorous security and screenings for the protection of everyone in the building.

Everyone at the Jacksonville Airport goes through a background check and if they have to work in the post security area, they must go through security checkpoints to get to work.