5 career killers


Proving yourself at your new job can be done through hard work and dedication. But there are a few things you should never do as a new employee if you want to show that you are in for the long haul.

First off, don't call in sick or ask for vacation time during your first few months.
Don't complain to others at work about your new boss or talk bad about your old workplace.

Also, don't take a long lunch break. Try finding out what other people at your office do. Don't cost the company more than you should by staying in expensive hotels, buying expensive meals or renting nice cars when on company trips.

Finally, don't use inappropriate language or humor in your office around your new co-workers, especially not your boss.

Try all of these tips to make a good impression to your new coworkers and show you are a valued addition to their work team. Also try and stay off social media sites during work hours. Show that you are focused on your work and not wasting paid time on social media.