Overland Bridge Project to bring traffic changes

Project to improve traffic flow on Interstate 95 by 2016

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Drivers who frequent Interstate 95 heading north toward downtown can expect more changes in driving patterns as the Overland Bridge Replacement Project continues.

The Florida Department of Transportation is extending the area from Emerson Road to the Fuller Warren bridge. The FDOT says northbound traffic will be on an entirely new stretch of highway.

In 2016, the project will increase capacity on the interstate, and improve the flow of traffic.

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Laurie Sanderson, a spokesperson for the FDOT, says the biggest part of the project is rebuilding the Atlantic Boulevard exit and on-ramp.

We've installed all of the new support columns for that ramp and we're working on building that up," said Sanderson. "With the other ramp, we've installed the test columns that will test the stability of the soils in the area and the foundation of the new ramp."

The whole project is expected to be finished by 2016, but with the new lane changes and developments in the project FDOT says obeying the speed limit is critical.

Sanderson says there is a science behind it, and engineers take into account the space constraints and curves in the road to determine a safe speed.