Cat shot multiple times adopted

Good Samaritan realized cat was used for target practice

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – He's thankful to be alive and thankful he's found a home. Oliver the cat was shot multiple times and survived. He's finally getting some love and a place to live, from a caring stranger.

News4Jax spoke to Kevin Grab, Oliver's new owner, who talked about a feline that has every reason to dislike humans, but not this cat.

"He's just super friendly, super happy-go-lucky, you'd never know that he was shot or abused, or had his leg removed. I mean, he's just as happy and easy as they come," said Grab.

Oliver's story started in southeast Georgia, where a good Samaritan found him limping in her backyard. She soon realized someone had used Oliver for target practice. He was shot multiple times with a BB gun and once with a large-caliber weapon, which did the most damage. Oliver's back leg had to be amputated.

"We were pretty angry and upset about it, just like most people would be, but he seems to be least upset about it than anybody else," Grab said.

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The vets at First Coast No More Homeless Pets treated Oliver and performed the surgery. It was several days before he could be put up for adoption.


Kevin Grab didn't think it would be him because he already has two cats. But it was something about Oliver's story that made Grab adopt him.

"Once I saw that it didn't appear like anybody was going to be seriously interested in adopting him after a couple days of seeing him on the news and on Facebook, I thought, let's get a third cat," Grab said. "He gets along with the two of them perfectly fine. It was the two of them that were growling and hissing at him when he first came in the house, but he was extremely respectful of their space and their territory, but he himself never growled, hissed, got upset, angry whatever one time at them."

Oliver's surgery cost $3,500 and veterinarians with First Coast No More Homeless Pets said the cat is fortunate none of the BBs didn't hit a major organ or artery. He's also very fortunate to find a family that cares.

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