Vet: Remember to register pet's microchip

Owners of dog thrown from car can't be found because microchip not registered


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A dog thrown out of a car and onto U.S. 301 is recovering at a local shelter with serious injuries.

Her name happens to be Lucky. It's unclear who threw Lucky from the car or why they did it.

It's also unclear who owned Lucky, even though she is microchipped, because the owners never registered their information.

"Without registration into a database on a computer it is just a number," said Dr. Christian Broadhurst of the Clay Humane Society.
Broadhurst said it's a two-step process.
Owners need to first get their pet microchipped, then register the chip online. Often, pet parents don't know about that second step.
"If it's not linked and your animal gets found it is a dead end, and probably at least half of the microchips we find in stray animals are not linked to owners and the owners are never found," Broadhurst said.
Vets also say they see owners forgetting to update the contact information on the microchip.
"If you are moving, go to your vet, have your dog scanned for the microchip and there will be microchip contact info," Broadhurst said. "You just call the company and say you moved and 'I want to change the registration on my chip.'"
If you have any doubts about your pet's microchip, ask your vet.
"If you have a dog that you know has a chip but never had it registered and you can't find your paperwork, go to the vet, have them scan it and write down the number," Broadhurst said.
The average cost to microchip a pet is $45 and even though it's a great way to find a lost pet an ID tag is always good to have as well. 


Although the shelter can't find Lucky's owners, First Coast No More Homeless Pets plans to treat Lucky for two weeks, then find her a foster home and eventually a permanent family.

Vets say if a pet isn't microchipped, an owner can have that done anytime. Just make an appointment. 

On Friday, Lucky was adopted and has a forever home.

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