Teens still recovering after being hit by accused drunk driver

One teen had to have leg amputated

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Anger, sadness confusion -- all feelings a Jacksonville mother is trying to deal with one week after a drunk driver hit and injured her two teenage sons as they were trying to move her disabled SUV out of the roadway.

It happened at the intersection of Blanding and Collins Road.

Frederick Horn, 17, and Jason Newton, 14, got out to push the vehicle when it ran out of gas.

The two are both in the hospital, recovering. Horn, had to have his leg amputated.


"My babies. That's the most I can say is my babies."

All Tierra Jones-Newton could say in the moments after she realized someone hit her SUV, while her two sons were trying to move it out of the road.

The impact of that crash pinned her oldest son, Frederick Horn under the driver'?s van and sent her other son, Jason Newton into the highway.


"And then you turn and look over and you see the other one stretched out and you don't know what to do. And you know that you can't touch. You can't touch you can't pull. You can't help," said Jones-Newton.

Jones said she could see the man who had been driving the van that hit her sons.

"This man who is standing there talking about 'I want to go home.' what kind of person are you?' My son was still underneath his car and he's just standing there on the side of the car looking," said Jones-Newton.

Police have identified the other driver as Christopher Breza, 54.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office booking photo of Christopher Breza
Jacksonville Sheriff's Office booking photo of Christopher Breza

He was arrested and charged with DUI in the crash, his fourth arrest for driving under the influence.
Breza had a valid license, something that's hard for Jones Newton to understand.

"They are kind of just letting these people just slide they keep sliding keep sliding until they do a tragedy then they want to make a big deal about it. It should have been made a big deal a long time ago," said Jones-Newton.

She believes businesses who continue to serve alcohol to impaired drivers should be held responsible too.

Jones-Newton says her older son is still  at UF Health. He's in stable condition. Her younger son had to be taken to Wolfson Children's Hospital where he is in critical condition. And she says for both of them it could take weeks even months for them to recover.

Her Seventeen-year-old son Frederick will be doing so without a leg.
It's a big blow for the teen who his mom says always wants to play football.

"It's just hard to think about what trials he's going to have to go through for the rest of his life and to keep his motivation high so that he can do or accomplish what he wants to," said Jones-Newton.

Now the family is moving forward with faith, thankful for all the love and support received.

"We're all trying to pray and get through this. God has been a big blessing," said Jones-Newton.

An account has been set up to help pay for medical expenses for the boys at Vystar #703090893 for anyone who wants to help. It is under the boys names.