3 restaurants fail latest inspections

St. Augustine restaurant temporarily closed because of roaches

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – First on the restaurant report, the only closure of the week was in St. Augustine at Tempo Restaurant, where an inspector found both dead and live roaches.  

There were 21 live roaches under the triple sink in the kitchen, a couple under the grill and more roaches under the make station and hand sink.  

The next day the inspector came back and opened Tempo when all the roaches were gone.

Thai Orchid Restaurant on Beach Boulevard also failed its latest inspection.  The inspector found four high priority violations.  Meat, noodles, veggies and milk were all held as high as 10 degrees too warm to be considered safe in the walk-in cooler.  The inspector wrote that the cooler wasn't working properly and needed to be fixed. An inspector came back four days later and the cooler was fixed.

Finally Mama Lu's Filipino and Chinese Restaurant on St. Johns Bluff Road was cited for five high priority violations.  Most of them had to do with temperature violations.   Mama Lu's has a buffet-style bar and many of the foods weren't hot enough, so the inspector explained that by simply stirring the food frequently it would hold the proper temperature.

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