Plantation Oaks Boulevard to remain closed

FDOT: Inspection turned up some culvert deficiencies

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – State Road 23 in Clay County has reopened for traffic after an inspection from engineers, but a part of Plantation Oaks Boulevard is closed until further notice, affecting how some students get to Oakleaf High School and Oakleaf Middle School.

The Florida Department of Transportation said an inspection turned up some deficiencies in a culvert -- a concrete tunnel that carries the stream under the road.

About 200 yards of Plantation Oaks Boulevard is closed near the overpass. Branan Field Road is also closed under the overpass and the flyover is completely closed as well.

According to FDOT, the overpass isn't the problem, it's the culvert that is underneath it. Because of the deficiencies in the culvert, the roadway will have to be pulled up and the culvert replaced. Due to the construction, the overpass will remain closed.

FDOT is planning to have a meeting Monday with contractors to figure out the process and cost of the construction.

The roadway, including the overpass is expected to be closed for about a month or two, according to FDOT.

News4Jax was told this will affect a lot of students who walk and parents who drop their kids off at Oakleaf Middle and Oakleaf High schools.

"I live directly right over the bridge, so now I'm going to have to go all the way around to come to school, and I'm sure everyone will be late to school," said Trent Atha, an 11th-grade student.

Oakleaf High School Principal David Broskie told News4Jax a solution to the road closures.

"In the morning the district plans on providing transportation for students. Across from Oakleaf Village Elementary at 7:05, in the parking lot next to the soccer field. We're going to provide a shuttle transportation to get students here in the morning and students in the afternoon," Broskie said.

The Clay County School District is adjusting bus routes and notified parents so they can make arrangements.

Students that normally walk to Oakleaf High School or Oakleaf Junior High School, met at Oakleaf Athletic Field East on Friday morning to get a ride to school. The district offered shuttles that transported students to their school.

It is unknown if the school district will continue to offer the shuttle service for those students for the duration of the road closure.

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