Middleburg man speaks out after wife murdered, daughter kidnapped

Sexual predator managed to cut off GPS monitor, stab Roseann Welsh


MIDDLEBURG, Fla. – For the first time since his wife was murdered and his 10-year-old daughter was kidnapped and sexually assaulted in early December, a Middleburg man speaks out.

Investigators said 34-year-old sexual predator, Donald Davidson Jr., was on controlled release from prison, but managed to cut off his GPS monitor and, within hours, stabbed Roseann Welsh, 37.

According to deputies, Davidson then stole the couple's minivan and took off with their 10-year-old daughter and sexually assaulted her. Fortunately she made it back home, but Davidson then led detectives on an eight-hour manhunt.

News4Jax spoke to the husband, who said Davidson may be behind bars at the Clay County Jail, but that will never bring back his wife and it won't erase the events that happened to his 10-year-old girl.


This is the first time Michael Scott (pictured) had visited his old home, where his 13-year-old son walked in and found his mother stabbed to death.

"I hate this place, and this was my home. He ruined my life and I'm picking up the pieces right now," Scott said. "He took the one thing that I love the most on this planet."

Scott said he knew Davidson for 21 years and said even though Davidson went to prison in 2010 after being convicted of sexually assaulting a girl younger than 12, he never thought Davidson would come after his wife and his daughter.

"I told him to stay away from my family and I told my family to watch out for him," Scott said.

Donald Davidson appeared before a Clay County judge Friday morning to hear the murder charge against him.
Donald Davidson appeared before a Clay County judge Friday morning to hear the murder charge against him.

But in December, Clay County investigators said Davidson (pictured in Clay County court appearance) disobeyed, by cutting off his GPS monitor and committing the crimes. Scott said now his focus is on his children.

"They are resilient, they're good kids. They are handling it the best way they can," Scott said. "They are strong and I'm trying to be here for them, the best way I can be."

But Scott said he's mentally destroyed. He said his wife of 14 years was his best friend.


"She's kind, she was innocent, she never hurt anybody. You can ask anybody out here that knew her, she was just everything," Scott said. "Justice will be served, whether it's in this life or the next. Justice will be served."

Davidson has been charged with murder, kidnapping, capital sexual battery on a child and grand theft auto. Davidson is in the Clay County Jail and has an arraignment hearing on Monday and Scott said he will be there.

News4Jax uncovered that within 3 miles of Scott's Middleburg home, there are dozens of sexual predators.

There are more than 60 sexual offenders and more than 30 sexual predators in his area. Since the crime, Scott has moved out of the home but is concerned about the number of sex offenders in the area.

"They need to change, the laws need to change. We need to save our women and children. We need to put these guys away for a while."

Davidson spent four years in prison for his sexual assault crime back in 2010. Scott wants to know why sexual predator laws are not more strict.

Local attorney Randy Reep explained Florida's sexual assault and abuse laws.

"They're eligible for life. Capital sexual offense of a sex crime against somebody that is under 12 in this case could. But can you imagine bringing a 10, 11 or 12-year-old girl back in putting her through depositions with cross-examine of a talented criminal defense attorney? That experience can be, I'm told, almost as terrifying as the experience itself," he said.  

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