2nd parent claims child abused at Jacksonville day care

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Another parent is accusing a Jacksonville child care center located inside Duval County's A. Phillip Randolph Academy school of abusing her child.

The mother has pulled her 11-month-old from the Possibilities and Success Child Care Center and contacted the Duval County School Board after she said her child went more than six hours without being fed.

Earlier this week, another mother took her child out of the center because her 2-month-old came home with burns and bruises. The Department of Children and Families is looking into that case.

"There were times that she wasn't fed, but they wrote on a piece of paper that she was fed," said Annette Smith, the grandmother of the child. "When I checked the bag and pulled the bottle out the bag, the bottle was full and I went back into them and spoke to them about it."

The 11-month-old has attended the child care center for the past few months, but recently the grandmother has been noticing signs of neglect.

"There have been times when I have gotten her and she was wet or had a ‘boo-boo' on her," Smith said. "The latest incident that made me pull her was when I got there a couple of minutes late and they told me she wouldn't eat."

The child's mother, Nadira Kingston, pointed out the day care's health care checklist. It's supposed to be filled out every time a child arrives and leaves the center.

After she noticed her child hadn't been fed in more than six hours, Kingston said she's worried other children are also being neglected.

The school district said it's investigating the center. According to the DCF, there have not been any complaints about the facility in the past 22 months. The mother and daughter said the center should adopt an open door policy.

"The young ladies who have children here should be able to come get a pass and check on their child," Smith said. "That way they know what's going on."

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