Grandson of murdered woman to sit through second trial of accused killer

Shai Blades thinks Randall Deviney is trying to manipulate system to get better sentence

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The grandson of a woman who was brutally murdered in 2008 is upset because he has to sit through a second trial for her accused killer.

The Florida Supreme Court threw out Randall Deviney's conviction. The court ruled Jacksonville police violated Deviney's right to remain silent and coerced him into confessing to Delores Futrell's murder.

Shai Blades has been through the trial of his grandmother's horrific murder and he may be forced to live it again.

Blades thinks Deviney is trying to manipulate the system to get a better sentence. He was originally sentenced to death for Futrell's murder -- a woman who was his baby sitter when he was young.


Blades said he doesn't understand why Deviney should get another trial after being convicted of killing his grandmother.

"He had confessed to doing it after he was told that anything he said could be used against him, he confessed to doing it on film and it's just like now he comes with this," said Blades.

Because an appeals court ruled the sheriff's office coerced a confession, Deviney gets another trial.

"I don't know. This is just like really crazy, man; like, every time we think we'd get past it, it pops up again," said Blades.

Blades is afraid Deviney may spend less time in jail if he is convicted a second time. Deviney has tried without success to offer information in another case for a shorter sentence. Blades said it would be a mistake for Deviney to ever leave jail.


"I don't think he should be let go. He's guilty, he deserves to be in there. You know, I think they made the right decision the first time," Blades said. "I don't think he needs to be out, I mean, it's messed up, but I guess the extent of the crime is that should be like his punishment. It's just hard for me to, you know ... I mean, how many people do you know whose grandparents are murdered?"

Deviney will stand trial again in April. He has offered prosecutors information on a cold case involving Donald Smith, the man accused of killing Cherish Perrywinkle.

But the State Attorney's Office has stated over and over again it is not interested in any information Deviney might have on another case.

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