High priority health violations land four restaurants on this week's Restaurant Report Card

Roaches, dirty hands, and food had to be tossed out


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Masala Indian Cuisine on San Jose Boulevard was cited with ten high priority violations during its latest inspection.  Rice had to be thrown out because it wasn't cooled properly.  It was one of several temperature violations that could lead to a food borne illness.  An employee was also caught not washing his hands before putting on gloves.  A few days later the inspector did come back and cleared Masala Indian Cuisine with no serious health violations.

Margarita's Mexican Grill, also on San Jose, was cited for seven high priority violations.  The were a wide variety of violations.  Food had to be thrown out because of temperature problems, an employee didn't change gloves when going from a sanitizer bucket to food, and the dishwasher didn't have the right amount of sanitizing solution.   It's due for a recheck in the next couple of months.

Also, Xtreme Wings on Atlantic Boulevard had a surprise inspection after a customer filed a complaint with the state.  The inspector found dead and live roaches.  There were more were dead roaches than live which shows they do have some type of pest control.  Another problem raw hot dogs were stored over lettuce and raw shrimp was stored over cookies.  That violation could lead to a contamination problem that could get someone sick. The inspector came back the next day and the major problems were corrected and Xtreme Wings was cleared.

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