Neighbors angry arrested mental patient released

Family says man molested neighborhood teens, now he's back at home

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A local mother is outraged after a neighbor she says inappropriately touched her son and another boy was allowed to return to his home.

Court documents show that man, Abaz Cizmic, was found to be not competent for prosecution and was recently released back to the neighborhood.

Adrian Morris, 18, and his mother said the incident happened about two years ago when Adrian was a minor. Police investigated, but Cizmic was not charged in that incident.

About a year later, Cizmic was arrested for lewd and lascivious molestation involving another boy. But Cizmic was deemed mentally incompetent and was granted a conditional release.

Adrian Morris and his mother, Lorna Morris, said they can't believe he's back living in their neighborhood.

"I always thought he was friendly. My mom always thought he was creepy," Adrian Morris said.

Adrian said two years ago he was walking home from the bus stop, when Cizmic, his neighbor, enticed him into his garage with a soda.

"He pushes me onto the garage door and tries to like, kiss me," Adrian said. "He started trying to touch my body and touch my jean area and (was) pulling up my shirt."

Adrian said he ran home and called police, but Cizmic wasn't charged. According to an incident report, about two weeks later, Cizmic again approached Adrian – this time at Adrian's home.

"He came to the house one day and banged on the door looking for my child, and my child told him to go away," Lorna Morris said.

After that incident, Lorna Morris and Adrian filed for a temporary injunction for protection against Cizmic, but the request was denied.

About a year later, Cizmic was arrested for lewd and lascivious molestation, involving a different boy. News4Jax obtained reports of similar incidents connected to Cizmic that date as far back as 2007.

However, a few weeks ago, Lorna Morris and Adrian received the shock of their lives when they were told Cizmic was deemed mentally incompetent for prosecution and was granted a conditional release, allowing him to go back to his house.

"I'm terrified of – with this man being in the street. He wanders around," Lorna Morris said. "He watches everything."

Cizmic didn't answer the door when News4Jax went by seeking a comment.

According to Cizmic's conditional release statement, he must take part in a mental health treatment program, take all prescribed medications, and not have any contact with the victims involved in his case.

Lorna Morris said he shouldn't be allowed out at all.

"He should be civilly committed to a mental institution, if he's been found insane," Lorna Morris said. "That would be the right thing to do because it protects the children."

News4Jax reached out to State Attorney's Office and the mental healthcare facility overseeing Cizmic's treatment for comment but have not heard back from either office.  

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