Rodent droppings, food that had to be thrown out, and contamination tops our Restaurant Report Card

Restaurant Report Card


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Diner in Jacksonville Beach tops the Restaurant Report Card with seven high priority violations.  The inspector found more than a dozen rodent droppings in an open shed outside with potatoes and onions stored inside.  They also had to throw out rice, beef. stock, and potatoes because they were temped dangerously high.  The inspector came back the next day and the major problems were fixed and The Diner was cleared.

Papi Chulo's was cited with three high priority violations and one you might have noticed if you ever eat there.  The self service salad buffet was missing sneezeguards.  Also the beer batter and egg wash was too warm to be considered safe.  The inspector explained the rules and fixed the problem on site.

Watami Asian Fusion Buffet and Lounge was cited with eight high priority violations.They had to throw out moldy lemons and insect spray the inspector found in the kitchen.  There was also a temperature violation with sushi on the buffet.  Workers had to move the fish to a cooler to rapidly cool it down to a safe temperature.

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