Tired of being tired


We all may think the magic number of hours to sleep at night is eight, but according to the National Institute of Health, 40% of Americans are sleep deprived! This means that the average American sleeps less than seven hours per night driven by technology and gadgets that distract us constantly.

Did you know sleep plays the same role as nutrition, exercise and overall safety? When you are lacking sleep, you lose 20 to 50% of decision making, reaction time, situational awareness, memory and communication, when you don't get enough of it.

Sleeplessness also increases the appetite for fatty foods, leading to a higher risk for obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Even in mental illnesses, sleep deprivation is determined in nearly all psychiatric conditions, from bipolar disorder to anxiety problems. There has also been research linking poor sleep to Alzheimer's. Fatigue is the top cause of car crashes.

A documentary produced by National Geographic called, "Sleepless in America," exposes the crucial need for sleep and the shocking life-threatening consequences of its absence.