Blog your way to success


Michele Morris is a chef, published cookbook author, business woman and blogging master.  "A blog is something that's more of a personal posting of like you're sitting down and writing in your diary, only you're writing it to the outside world," Morris said.

Morris blogs about recipes and travel to promote her services and her publications. But as one aspiring blogger discovered, it's harder than it appears.

Diana Holguin-Balogh attempted a couple blogs to promote her books but they've failed to launch. "The most difficult part of the blog or for any blog is the time, because of the day to day maintenance of it," Holguin-Balogh said.

Morris posts on Mondays and Thursdays religiously. "The number one secret is to be consistent. The second thing is that it needs to look pretty," Morris explained.
But when you're competing with millions of others, originality is a must! Also, your blog needs to have a personality.

Keep your posts brief and put up texts with bullets, photos, subheadings and add videos and audio. Collaboration is also a must. Encourage comments, link freely and share traffic.

Morris' final piece of advice is if you're going to post, do it everywhere. When she blogs she usually puts it up on sites like Pinterest, Facebook, and Google Plus.
Holguin-Balogh vows to try again, convinced that just like Morris, blogging could help her get her book published.

"A blog, for a new author, is an excellent way to build what they call a platform or an audience," Holguin-Baloghtold us. And if you do it right, it's a free way to get your message to millions.

Morris also suggests setting a schedule for when you blog and sticking to it. Also having professional pictures taken can make your blog shine.