Shots fired outside Neptune Beach bar

One person taken to hospital with minor injuries


NEPTUNE BEACH, Fla. – Neptune Beach police are investigating an incident that ended with a man firing his gun outside a popular bar.

Investigators say Sunday night, an argument began inside Pete's Bar on 1st Street, and a man was asked to leave the bar.

Once outside, the man began firing a gun. Police said several people were injured, but only one person was transported to the hospital.

"No one was directly hit with a bullet. But they were hit with fragments from the bullet, from ricochets off vehicles and the ground. One person was transported to the hospital. The others two have been released from the scene," said Neptune Beach Police Assistant Chief Tony Carrillo.

Carrillo said the person who was transported to the hospital was hit in the leg.

"When he turned to fire, yes, Pete's Bar was hit. The building itself was hit, one of the glass plates was hit. It went inside, as far as anything else going through the door, no," said Carrillo.

Carrillo said people were starting to leave the bar when the arguing started, so there were a lot of people standing outside during the shooting. He said about 10 shots were fired outside the bar.

"It's an ongoing investigation. We are collecting evidence, talking to witnesses. The victims, we're trying to get more information on the suspect," said Carrillo.

Carrillo said investigators believe the shooter had the gun with him inside the bar before the shooting.

Investigators say the gunman left in a white Mercedes. Anyone with information is asked to call Neptune Beach police at (904) 270-2413.

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