Repeat offenders on this week's Restaurant Report Card

Rodent droppings, mold in the ice machine, food at the wrong temperatures,...


JACKSONVILLE, Fla – The restaurant report card was just here at La Nopalera on Beach Blvd near San Pablo at the end of January and now we're back for very similar violations. This time four high priority violations and they're still having a problems with pest.  The inspector found a few rodent droppings near the water heater.  Workers also had to throw out french fries, shrimp, cheese bites because of a temperature violation.  This latest inspection was brought on by a complaint and after a re-check La Nopalera was cleared with zero serious violations.

Castillo De Mexico on Beach Blvd was cited again with nearly 30 violations.  Three of them were high priority.  The restaurant was closed overnight last spring because of roach activity. This time there no bugs but concerns about raw bacon stored over raw peppers, hot food not at the right temperature, and mold in the ice machine.  It's still due for a recheck an inspector will be back in a couple of months.

The Wendy's on Mayport Road in Atlantic Beach also had bugs.  This is the first time it's had a failing inspection.  The inspector found four live roaches and roach excrement in storage cabinets with tray liners and coffee filters.  The manager killed them and cleaned the cabinets. An inspector came back the next day and found zero serious violations.

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