New downtown Jimmy John's clean as a whistle

Owner shows News4Jax what it takes to pass inspection with 0 violations


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jimmy John's is a familiar franchise you can get in and out in less than five minutes. It's already very popular for the lunch crowd but it attracted News4Jax because the inspection of it's new downtown restaurant on North Laura Street revealed zero violations.

"It's an assembly line concept," said owner Patrick Scott. "The sandwich make-line is built for speed. The process is built for speed, and it's simplified to the point where you're not over doing it, not trying to use too many ingredients."


With fresh food fast, this owner is hoping to capitalize on that with the downtown lunch crowd that's always on the go.

"We wanted to be a part of that there's a lot going on downtown," Scott added. "I've really come to find out that there's a lot more down here than many people probably realize, and downtown is definitely on the up and we just wanted to be a part of that."

But fast doesn't mean they cut corners when it comes to your health.  Scott says they have systems in place to make sure they don't skip steps while following the rules.


"Very thoroughly, very step-by-step, simple, this is what you do to run a Jimmy John's each and every day, And whether you think you have it memorized or not, always go back to the checklist and make sure you're not forgetting anything," Scott explained.

Also, because there's a lot of fresh food keeping it at the right temperature has to be a top priority.

"We buy the good stuff. All of our coolers, all of our equipment is state of the art, it's brand new. We have systems and procedures that we follow very


strictly to make sure that as soon as the product comes off the slicer it's contained in an environment where all safety standards are met," said Scott.

Scott owns six Jimmy John's in Jacksonville and he says he's never had a failing inspection and adds, as long as those systems are in place, he plans to never have one.

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