Towers of Hope giving homeless men a new start

Salvation Army housing facility provides temporary housing for men in need


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Salvation Army opened a unique housing facility two weeks ago at their downtown location.

The new housing facility called the Towers of Hope is on the second floor of the Salvation Army's Adams Street location and provides a temporary place to live for homeless men.

Aside from providing a fresh start after homelessness, the facility also helps with addiction recovery and is a place to stay for young men aging out of the foster system. 

The housing center has 87 beds and those using the facility do pay a modest fee, but the Salvation Army says giving these men a place to stay, and save money, will help get them on their feet faster.

Angel Delgavo is one of the residents who have been taking advantage of the towers after his job was downsized and he lost his home.

"They downsized, they got rid of some people, but you know, you continue going on and so looking for employment isn't as easy as it used to be," Delgavo said.

Since he lost his job, Delgavo moved to Florida and has been trying to get back on his feet. He's been staying at the facility for less than a week.

His goal is to live in the towers for a month and save money to get his own place.

According to Delgavo, "It provides you with some place to live, and comfort for right now, (until) you get a home."

Another resident at the towers, Army Veteran Cornelius Jones, is proud of his room and having a place to live.

"The Salvation Army is a wonderful place to be," Jones said.