Beating spring allergies

What's Going Around


JACKSONVILLE, Fla – It's starting to warm up and plants are blooming.  40 million people in the United States suffer from allergies and it's definitely affecting people locally.  Doctors say more patients are coming in complaining of allergies and there are some natural ways to beat them.   Make sure you have nasal sprays on hand, also if you know you have allergies take your medicine before they start affecting you.

Some of the other conditions going around this week are:

Doctors CareSpot in Clay County they're treating strep throat, cough and congestion.  Most of the complaints are viral.  The flu is starting to die down.

The Yulee CareSpot in Nassau County is busy treating patients with upper respiratory infections.  Sinus infections both viral and bacterial.  Also in Nassau County they're still treating the flu.

In Duval County the CareSpot on Southside Boulevard is treating strep throat.  Common colds and some flu.