Pension deal still in committee without vote


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jacksonville City Council has decided to delay a pension deal until a later date. The Council was slated to have a vote Tuesday night on the amended police and fire pension deal, but an issue was brought up with mortality rates of ex-employees in the pension plan.

The Council wants to discuss things further, because of the impacts of how long pension recipients are living and how much the plan costs.

A source within the Mayor's Office told News4Jax it's not really an issue, but that was the reason the Council decided to leave it in committee without a vote

If the Council eventually votes and approves an amended pension plan at a later date, it will not be final.

The police and fire pension board will have to review what the Council decided on and approve it themselves.

The Mayor's Office released a statement Tuesday evening regarding the pension reform.

"While the Council President decided to delay a vote on pension reform tonight, Mayor Brown remains committed to passing reform. Various independent groups like the Jacksonville Civic Council and Florida Times-Union have called on Council to pass this bill. These reforms would save taxpayers at least $1.3 billion, and we should do everything we can to resolve this issue as quickly as possible for taxpayers and our first responders. It is time for the nearly eight-year debate on pension reform to end."

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