Potential contamination caught during surprise visit

Inspectors crack down on several restaurants with violations that could make you sick


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Several restaurants have violations that could make you sick. They're featured in our Restaurant Report Card. Some have already cleaned up.

The Plaza Grille on Belfort Road is one of them. It had six high priority violations last week.

Turkey bacon, cheese, and other food was all too warm to be considered safe. They were instructed to add ice to the cooler.

Some raw food was stored over ready to eat food which is another high priority violation.

The inspector came back five days later and most of the problems were fixed but there was still a temperature issue with several food items. They had to and more ice to the cooler but this time the inspector wrote they passed the inspection.

Buca Di Beppo on Southside Boulevard also failed an inspection last week with five high priority violations.

They caught an employee handling food without washing his hands properly. The person was educated by the manager and warned according to the report.

They also had to throw out 13 gallons of marinara sauce and lots of other food because it was held at an unsafe temperature.

Again the inspector came back five days later and there was still a concern because a cooler didn't seem to be cooling food properly. The inspector noted a technician came earlier that week and all the food was moved to a freezer for rapid cooling so it wouldn't have to be thrown away.

Jax What's Cookin on Lane Avenue is under the microscope after inspectors found 11 high priority violations.

An employee was working with raw pork chops and started cutting onions. He changed his gloves but forgot to wash his hands. This could cause cross contamination so he was warned. The inspector noted that this has happened before.

There were also several food items that were too warm to be considered safe which was another repeat violation according to the report. Workers had to throw out some of that food that was at the wrong temperature.

Three days later the inspector came back and cleared Jax What's Cooking with no violations involving food.

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