Active shooter drill underway in Clay County

Keystone Heights High is site of exercise underway until Noon

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CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – Deputies with the Clay County Sheriff's Office are in the process of conducting an active shooter drill at Keystone Heights High School.

The exercise began just before 7:30 a.m. and is expected to end sometime around Noon, Friday.

The Clay County Sheriff's Office released a statement, ensuring Clay County citizens that they are prepared for such a scenario.

"Our planning team would like for Clay County Citizens to be aware that agency leadership understands the possibility of an active assailant scenario in local schools and are working together to ensure readiness for such an event should it occur. It is our sincerest hope that an event such as this will never take place in our jurisdiction, but it is our responsibility to put forth the planning and collaborative effort to ensure we are as a community, prepared."

The exercise involves community partners from the Clay County School Board, Clay County Sheriff's Office, Clay County Fire and Rescue, Florida Department of Health, Clay County Emergency Management and many other regional partners.

The drill consists of mock active shooters who will make entry into a school and cause mass havoc.

As with similar exercises conducted throughout the nation, portions of response will be practiced during this exercise.

Unlike many of their previous exercises, this one includes the subjects of student reunification and the psychological/ behavioral response and recovery.