Liberty Street repairs still on hold

City waiting to learn what caused collapse, what it wil

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Liberty Street at Coastline Drive collapsed nearly six weeks ago, and while power has been restored to townhomes in the area, the road remains closed and no repairs have taken place.

The city is still trying to figure out how the gaping hole in the road opened up, how much it will cost to fix and who will pay for it.

The city still doesn't know what lead to this second collapse of the road over the past three years and is awaiting the result of underwater cameras and diver inspections conducted by the DOT earlier this month. It's also waiting on some 3D imagining to come in from the DOT.

The city has hired a contractor who will begin to remove the debris, and once they do they can do more inspections and see what needs to be done.

The original collapse, which happened in April 2012, was never fixed.

The first collapse was determined to the fault of a contractor using a 12-ton crane to clean the Berkman Plaza's windows, but the city allocated $750,000 for those repairs.  Repair work was set to start on that when this latest collapsed happened.


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