Miss Delta Teen Pageant comes to The Morning Show

Pageant gives contestants a chance to embrace their finer womanhood


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Contestants in the Miss Delta Teen Pageant showed their talents on the Morning Show Sunday. The teens are competing in the pageant which takes place on Saturday, March 28 at the Florida Theatre.
Thee pageant was established by Delta Sigma Theta sorority in 1976. It's designed to raise money for charitable and educational projects in the Jacksonville community. "Right now we're actually raising money for our educational scholarships. So we want to have all of our high school seniors go to our website at www.dstjax.org to apply for our scholarships that are available for them," said Aurelia Williams, the vice president of Delta Sigma Theta.
This year's theme centers around life lessons from fairytale princesses. "This year our theme is Magical Moments, life lessons from a fairytale princess. So our contestants this year have selected a princess and they'll be talking a little more about them on March 28th," said Michelle Bell-Bader, the Miss Delta Teen Pageant Committee chair.
The contestants in the pageant work on written expression and oratorical skills that they've been perfecting over the past six months. They had a workshop called "Princess Prep" which got them ready for the event on the 28th.
If you would like more information on the program go to www.dstjax.org.

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