Talking to kids about political ads

CEO of Daniel Kids gives tips


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. –  The topic of talking to kids about political ads that have been flooding your TV was discussed Sunday morning on the Morning Show. Jim Clark is the CEO of Daniel Kids. Daniel is a foundation that serves kids and families in our region.
     Clark said it's important for parents to use the ads, even the negative ones as an opportunity to talk to kids about politics. "One of the things as parents we want to do is I've got to stay balanced. We want to be careful. Most kids will vote as their parents do. Really, we want to encourage our kids to be inquisitive," Clark said. "And we can learn with them."
     Clark also told me it's important to discuss with your children the negative ads which are also quite common. "Teach that social etiquette. There are times when we talk about religion. There are times when we don't talk about religion. And the same thing with politics. So teaching the kids the difference between an argument and a debate and how to go about securing facts is just a great thing in terms of helping them," Clark said.

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