UNF basketball team visits the Sulzbacher center

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It may be preparing for the NCAA tournament but the UNF Men's basketball team members are still giving back to their own community.

Not only are the men preparing for the tournament, they're also on spring break and some of that break is being spent at the Sulzbacher Center to serve the homeless residents.

Byron Taylor is an assistant coach who says in the middle of all the March Madness on campus, this visit to the Sulzbacher Center keeps the players humble.

"We're all about serving, serving before self. We want to teach these guys no matter how big the situation is we want to keep serving," said Taylor.

The players said despite the excitement on campus this is a great diversion.

"Its just really been hectic. A lot of media attention. It's great, get our mind off stuff. Help the community out. I think it's great," Romelo Banks said.

The Sulzbacher Center said it's grateful UNF does programs like this with the kids who stay at the center.

"There's swoop fever and we're just glad they're coming and all the other students that are here to help," said Linda Hemphill with the Sulzbacher Center.

The idea for this trip is part of a program at UNF called Alternative Spring Break Transformational Learning Opportunity. It was spearheaded by a UNF instructor in the psychology department.

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