Jacksonville among top 20 cities for longest work weeks

Jacksonville ranked number 19; working an average of 42 hours a week


NEW YORK – Jacksonville is ranked among the top 20 for longest work weeks.  

The NYC Economic Brief, reports people in Jacksonville work an average of 42 hours and 21 minutes a week.  The study also included travel time, which for Jacksonville was three hours and 48 minutes.  Based off hours worked a week and travel time, Jacksonville ranked 19 with a total work week equaling 46 hours and 10 minutes.  

The study covered the 30 largest American cities.  At the top of the list is New York City with an average work week, plus travel time equaling 49 hours and eight minutes.  San Francisco, California came in second with 48 hours and 58 minutes and Washington D.C. came in third with 48 hours and 39 minutes. 

Below is a chart of how work weeks have changed over the years.

YearHours Worked Weekly
199043 Hours 11 Minutes
200043 Hours 16 Minutes
201342 Hours 9 Minutes