Several restaurants temporarily shut down

Roaches and roach eggs sound the alarm


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A total of three restaurants and a movie theatre concession stand were all temporarily shut down. Roaches and roach eggs sound the alarm and the doors were shut.

The concession stand at AMC Theatres Orange Park 24 was shut down right before noon on a Monday because of roaches. The inspector found the bugs on paper goods, foil wraps, and inside a cabinet by fryers. The inspector came back a little more than 24 hours later and the roaches were gone and the concession stand was able to open back up.

Philip Sushi which is right next door to the theatre was temporarily shut down because of roaches as well. The inspector found two live roaches behind the door in the dry storage closet, one outside the walk in cooler and several on a sticky trap under the dish machine. There were also several on the table where they prepare food. The inspector wrote this was a repeat violation. Another violation was two cans of raid were stored on a shelf by the back door, household pesticides are not allowed in the restaurant period. The next day the restaurant was allowed to open back up when the inspector came back and found no roaches.

Also in Orange Park, Country Cabin on Blanding Boulevard was forced to close last week for 24 hours. The inspector found several roaches in the kitchen. The most were in a crack in the wall behind the dishwasher. The roaches were in this area and near the preparation table. After being closed all day the inspector came back the next day in the morning and opened Country Cabin back up after finding no roaches.

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