Couple kicked out of home in marijuana raid still not home

Couple says they were just growing medical marijuana


ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – A couple kicked out of their St. Johns County home in a marijuana raid is still waiting to get back inside.

Scott and Marsha Yandell waited all day Thursday for the paperwork to be filed so they can get into the home and get all of their personal belongings.

They have had practically no access since they were kicked out in mid-February, but now they can go back in to get their things.

St. Johns County contends that the Yandells were conducting an illegal growing operation that led to the seizure of four dozen cannabis plants and growing supplies, though the Yandells say they were just growing medical marijuana.

St. Johns County is of the opinion the house had dangerous chemicals inside but the judge ruled the county failed to prove there was an "immediate and substantial risk" to life and human safety, preventing them from being legally barred from the home with no notice.

The Yandells feel the things in their home were not a risk to the neighborhood at all, calling themselves medical marijuana patients, not drug dealers.

"There was absolutely no danger. No chemicals in the home that were a danger. What they are claiming to be dangerous were a few boxes of fertilizer and things in the garage. We're avid people that garden so there was absolutely no danger in the home at any time," Marsha Yandell said.

Neighbors are not happy with the federal judge's ruling that allows the Yandells back into their home for up to two weeks.

One of those neighbors, Jessica Hartsoe, said there are a lot of kids here and they don't want the Yandells back in the home that has been closed off by the county for more than a month.

"That completely steamed me because I have my kids and as you can see between these couple houses there's about 12 kids. I have kids, I don't want that near my kids," Hartsoe said.

While some neighbors are outspoken, some just want this ongoing drama to leave their neighborhood, "Take your circus someplace else, I'm tired of it," one said.

St. Johns County has a hearing on the Yandells issue slated for March 23. It's possible some sort of county decision could come out of that hearing that would end the restraining order.

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