Couple with medical marijuana can return home after police raid

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – Scott and Marsha Yandell's home has sat vacant for more than a month after the couple was arrested and removed from their home by St. Johns County for growing marijuana.

The couple said they think that they are being unjustly prosecuted because they were growing the marijuana for medical reasons.


"It's the worst. We've been drug out of our home for no reason. This is our life. It's been destroyed. This is all that we have left of our life. It's terrible," Marsha said.

Cellphone video shot by the Yandells shows a house in complete disarray, with large fish tanks filled with dead fish.

The Yandells say they discovered a lot of their belongings were either in disarray or destroyed, including a number of plants -- green peppers, red peppers and tomatoes -- uprooted and scattered around.

"It's really disgusting seeing your life turned upside down like that. Everything's been rooted through, destroyed. You can look, there's a PC work station that's been covered in dirt. There used to be a Corvette, now it's a mountain of dirt. They destroyed a lot of items," Scott said.

Though the Yandells' return to their home has been incredibly difficult for them, a lot of neighbors aren't happy about it either.

No matter what a federal judge says, they don't want the Yandells back whether their marijuana was used for medical reasons or not.

"It's a big thing; we've even talked to the association. We do not want them here," Jessica Hartsoe, a neighbor, said.

St. Johns County is holding a hearing Monday to discuss the issue.

The Yandells have two weeks from Thursday to reclaim all of their belongings. After that, St. Johns County will decide if they can reclaim the home or condemn it.

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