Scott Wilson

Candidate for City Council District 4

Party:  Republican

Age:  44

Family:  Engaged to Ms. Mary Wike

Occupation:  Executive Council Assistant for City Council District 4

Education:  Some College

Political experience:  This is my first time seeking to hold elected office

What do you see as the top three issues in this race?

  • Establish priorities in our budget beginning with the core functions of city government such as police, fire and public works. We will not encourage high paying jobs and corporations to relocate here if they do not feel safe. We must maintain our infrastructure such as roads, right of ways and storm water systems.
  • In the last several years I have seen an increase in panhandling and loitering in the neighborhoods surrounding Beach Blvd. I believe many of these same people are camping in the wooded areas or parks. This activity has a negative impact on property values and makes people feel unsafe. I will work with our new Sheriff to enforce state statutes and local ordinances.
  • Encouraging companies with high paying jobs to relocate to Jacksonville such as manufacturing and industrial type jobs.

  • Campaign website, other links: VoteScottWilson.com | Facebook@ScottWilsonJax | 
    Candidate page and financial reports on DuvalElections.com