Blending work and life


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Everyone wants to enhance their career, crush procrastination, get ahead at work, and get home early. But just how can you get it all done without giving up your work life balance?

For starters block off time for social media. There's no avoiding it, but you can set aside a few minutes to satisfy your Twitter fix. After that time is up don't revert to it until the work day is over.

Plan for tomorrow and the next day and the next day, mentally preparing for the days ahead keeps you on track and prevents surprises from popping up.

Create your own deadlines. Setting a deadline for yourself will allow your efficiency to go up and your stress to go down. Consistently setting advanced deadlines will break the pesky habit of procrastination and allow for a stress free work day.

Talk to your boss about company goals. Always tie communications back to the overall goals of the company. This reminds your boss of your intrinsic values. And know the difference between an interruption and an emergency. Not every task presented is an emergency. Think about your priorities and stick to them.

Life Coach Julie Morgenstern also says that when you're off from work, be completely off. How we spend our time off has a direct impact on the quality of our work. If you've planned and prioritized you shouldn't be stressing about work when you're away so use that R&R to not think about it.