Jason Tetlak

Candidate for City Council District 14

Party:  Democrat

Age:  37

Family:  Wife Alicia, two daughters, ages 4 and 7.

Occupation:  Graphic Designer for a Non-Profit

Education:  Flagler College, St. Augustine.

Political experience:  none.

What do you see as the top three issues in this race?

  • First and foremost, the issue that got me into this race is passing legislation to ensure equal rights for all of our citizens. Passing a human rights ordinance, besides being the right thing to do, is great for Jacksonville's economy. Florida is growing, businesses and people are moving to our state every day, but big companies aren't going to come here, and bring their jobs and employees with them, if we don't have protections in place to safe guard their employees against being discriminated against.
  • I am also committed to interconnecting our vast parks system to create more usable green spaces, and to improving not just the health of our river, but the ways we showcase and utilize it as well. When people see the Jaguars games on TV, they see our river. It is our identity and as such needs to be cared for and showcased in a manner that attracts more visitors. We need to eliminate septic units and fertilizer runoff that are draining directly into the tributaries and effecting the health of the river.
  • Lastly I believe a coordinated effort to support small, local business growth is the key to the revitalization of downtown and to our future economic prosperity. The neighborhoods with the most character and that are thriving are those like San Marco, Five Points and Avondale, and we should use those neighborhoods as a template for what we want to do with downtown. Encouraging the use of vacant space downtown will reduce urban sprawl, help us maintain our small town feel and will make our streets safer for cyclists and pedestrians. Because when people are looking for a place to call home, they don't want to move into a city that holds the distinction of being last in the state for safety.

  • Campaign webcast, other links:  Tetlak.com | Facebook@Tetlak2015
    Candidate page and fincial reports on DuvalElections.com