From procrastinator to productive


The first step in cutting procrastination is to plan ahead. Set yourself up for success by being prepared for the task ahead of time. Giving yourself a head start will increase your chances of actually finishing the project.

Restructure your to-do list. Instead of creating a never ending list, try dividing your tasks into smaller chunk. Spreading your tasks out can trick your mind into thinking you have less to do and help you from getting stuck on one project.

Next, set a timer. Having a clock run while you tackle a task creates a false deadline to help push yourself along.

Another way to kick procrastination is to limit interruptions. A single interruption can waste up to 15 minutes of productivity. Try setting aside specific time during the day for social media and e-mail checking that way you will stay completely focused while working.

Career and life coaches also suggest tackling tasks first thing in the morning. Mornings are the best chance for productivity and morning people are also happier and healthier.