Mother of juvenile shot by JSO is asking for answers

Mother: 'I just want answers, I have none at all.'


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The death of 16-year-old Kendre Alston was the city's first fatal police-involved shooting of 2015.

Police said an officer shot Alston after they spotted him in a crouching position, pointing his gun in the direction of officers.

Deneane Campbell, Alston's mother, still has questions and said that police haven't really been in contact with her since her son was killed.

Campbell said she knew her son had been in trouble before, but said there was much more to him as a person and the photo that police released of Alston after the shooting doesn't paint a fair picture of her son.


"My son was a good child, he was, and he did make mistakes. We all make mistakes. Everyone in the world makes mistakes, they live and they learn from them. But I just don't want them to put this image out here like he was just this killer, that he pointed a gun at the police," Campbell said.

The state attorney's office and JSO are investigating the shooting. Police said Alston
and another man were in a stolen car, and tried to ram a police cruiser before leading them on a chase in the area of 45th Street and Moncrief Road.

After they got out of the car, police said the other man took off running, dropping his gun. They said the officer shot Alston after he was seen pointing a gun in the direction of the officers.

"What happened, why did it have to happen the way it happened? Like, I understand what the news said but are they facts? Is it the truth?" Campbell asked.

The truth, Campbell said, is all she wants. She said she isn't angry at anyone, but she does have questions about the details police released to the media. What's worse, when she tries to get answers from police, she said she's met with a brick wall.

"I just want answers. I have none, at all. No one is not saying anything. Everything is under active investigation. That's all that's being said," Campbell said.

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