2 restaurants closed for night, others cited with multiple violations

Weekly Restaurant Report Card update


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Hong Yip Chinese Restaurant two high priority violations on Southwest Main Boulevard in Lake City was shut down for one night because of roaches.

The state restaurant inspector wrote he saw about a dozen live roaches. Four were on a shelf where they store dry goods and eight in a wall crack between the dish area and preparation table.

The next day the inspector came back and the roaches had been addressed and the inspector opened Hong Yip back up.

Mt Fuji, which is now called Fuji Sushi on San Marco Boulevard, was cited with five high priority violations. The chef had to put scallops back on the grill because they didn't reach a safe temperature.  Also, the chef had to move tuna, crab, salad to a working cooler or add ice because they were checked too warm.

The inspector came back three days later for a recheck and there were still some temperature issues but the inspector cleared the restaurant during this second check.

Red Elephant Pizza and Grill on San Jose Boulevard didn't pass its inspection because of four high priority violations.  An employee was warned after a ladle fell into the garbage and the employee put the same dirty ladle back into the ranch dressing.  Also tomatoes, eggs, leafy greens, chicken salad, meat and fish were warmer than considered safe in a flip top cooler. They were told to not store food in that cooler until it was working properly. 

The inspector wrote the Red Elephant Pizza and Grill needs a follow up.

Gator's Dockside on 103rd Street was closed one day last week after an inspector wrote he found about 40 live roaches near the fryer. 

According to the report there was a rack of oil jugs and when the jugs were moved at least 25-30 live roaches scattered throughout the area. The owner said the roaches were brought in by his supplier who supplies 75 percent of the food and products in the restaurant.  He said he called them to alert them of the problem.

Bryan Collins, general manager at Gator's Dockside, knows his regulars by name, but he didn't want that well known face on camera. He did speak freely off camera about the roaches, saying the problem was a box filled with jugs of oil that he got from his supplier. He understood he was shut down for the night due to an infestation, but after calling to the exterminator, his next car was call was to his supplier.

"I've never been shut down before and I keep a clean environment and my customers don't get sick," Collins added.

He also said they bring in an exterminator twice a month. The next day the inspector did come back to check to make the restaurant was pest free, all the bugs were gone and Gators Dockside opened back up

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