Sunday afternoon storms likely

Worst will be between 3-9pm


Jacksonville, Fla – Tornado watch for the Florida panhandle until 3pm, we too, here in Jacksonville may be under a Tornado watch later today.  A tornado watch means there will be the threat of tornadoes as expected thunderstorms may become severe.  Stay aware of rapidly changing skies, from clouds to sun to storms later today!

April is typically one of our drier Spring months, but El nino has been causing havoc with our typically beautiful April weather.  This past week from Texas/Louisiana to New England has been there has been widespread heavy rains.  Hundreds of thousands have been without power at one point or another as lightning and very heavy rains have caused widespread flooding in Louisiana.

Locally, here in Jacksonville we have seen heavy storms or wet nasty, cloudy, drizzly weather 10 days in a row!  Sure, we have had "moments" of sunshine, like Saturday afternoon, but heavy storms rapidly developed late in the day, dumping up to 1" of rain in under an hour at Jacksonville Beach and St. Augustine. 

Today will be no different, starting with the cloudy skies, we will see the sun "peek" through every now and then as we await another round of afternoon and evening storms.   A tornado watch may be posted for Jacksonville starting after 1pm this afternoon. 

Biggest threat will be thunderstorms with frequent lightning, so don't get caught outdoors, when "thunder roars, get indoors!".