Sheriff's candidate to spend night in Grand Park

Ken Jefferson and Mike Williams
Ken Jefferson and Mike Williams

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Sheriff's candidate Ken Jefferson announced Saturday he will stay overnight in a high crime area in Jacksonville.

According to a news release sent to News4Jax, Jefferson will be staying in the Grand Park neighborhood Sunday night through Monday morning.

Jefferson says he welcomes citizens to visit with him and voice their concerns.  He will be in the 2600 block of West 28th Street. Jefferson will begin his stay with a walk in the neighborhood.

"I look forward to visiting the area and cannot wait until May 19 to take a leadership role to try and collaborate with the community," said Ken Jefferson.  "We need to start rebuilding the trust back with the people and listen to their concerns and provide answers and solutions.  We can do better together."

Jefferson is running against Republican Mike Williams.

A new television ad from Williams is gaining attention.

In the ad, Williams takes a shot his opponent.

"Homicide, robbery, the bomb squad, the SWAT team and Homeland Security," the ad reads.

Before ending, Williams takes a swipe at Jefferson, who is a former public information officer for the Sheriff's Office and former News4Jax crime and safety expert.

"For sheriff, we don't need a TV spokesman. We need a real cop," the ad said.

"I think the line in the commercial will do that," Williams said. "It may make people kind of dig into the resumes and the backgrounds, and really dig into the qualifications of the two people running for sheriff."

While the candidates have revealed different plans for attacking crime if they are elected, both have said their experience and hope for a safer, better Jacksonville make them the right pick. It's now up to the voting public.

The next sheriff's debate hosted by News4Jax will take place in May.