How to get a summer job


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Looking for that perfect job but not sure where to start? Jessica Munford, a director at Aerotek, a staffing and recruiting company, says there are a few things job-seekers should do before entering the market.

First, be strategic for what you are looking for. How does it align with your skills, goals, experience and, most of all, your interest?

"It's pretty easy for an employer to determine how passionate someone is about a position," Munford said. "So if you're just kind of blasting your resume, that might not yield the results you're looking for."

Second, make sure your brand looks good. Update your resume and Linkedin profile and don't forget about your social media sites. Make sure your posts on facebook, Twitter and Instagram reflect the type of person a potential employer would hire.

Third, network. Leverage your former relationships from a job; contact your peers, colleagues and former supervisor. Many times it's all in who you know.

Finally, get in touch with a recruiter. It won't cost you anything. Hiring companies foot the bill.

"Recruiters have line of sight into the opening," Munford adds. "They know who is hiring, which customers are great to work for, and offer career advice, resume tips."

A few of the top job websites are Indeed, Glassdoor and Career Builder. Also, check the industry websites, which often have job postings. According to a survey by Careerbuilder, there is more of a demand for employees during the summer but don't wait to try to get hired.

"You definitely want to start looking now, because more and more companies have compliance they need to go through like drug and background checks."