New Version of Google Glass Coming Soon

The U.S. search giant is going forward with the Internet-connected eyewear

(Courtesy Google)

Google is partnering with Italian eye-wear maker Luxottica on a newer version of Google Glass.

The Chief Executive of Luxottica announced Friday that a partnership between the two companies is moving forward and the new Google Glass will be out soon. Details about specific timing for the launch have yet to be released.

Google has said the the new version of Google Glass will be cheaper as well as have a longer battery life. They also promised an improved display as well as better sound quality. 

According to a Google Statement, "the team is heads down building the future of the product." 

Google stopped selling the first version of Glass earlier this year, which caused speculation that Google was abandoning Glass, but the company made it clear they are still working on the device to make it ready for users.